Pokemon Go Mod Apk v0.257.0 Unlimited Coins 2023

Niantic, Inc.

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Pokemon Go Mod Apk V0.257.0 Unlimited Coins 2023
App Name Pokemon Go Mod Apk
Publisher Niantic, Inc.
Genre Adventure
Latest Version v0.257.0
Size 116.96MB
Total Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Rated Years Rated for 3+
MOD Info Teleport,Joystick,Enhanced Throw
OS Required 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Update December 17, 2022

Pokemon Go has a massive fan base and if you were even into Pokemon you don't want to miss out on this. This is a game which gives you the opportunity of catching Pokemons in real life by the aid of your camera. The game was introduced by Niantic, Inc in 2016 and has been all the rage since then. Pokemon Go has an intuitive interface and a very responsive and seamless control system.

In this game you have to catch Pokemons while roaming around with the camera open. You will be viewing different Pokemons through your camera and capturing them as if this was happening in real life. You can train your pokemons and battle with other Pokemon trainers. The game is very exciting as you have to set out on foot like a real Pokemon trainer and find Pokemons to train and evolve so that you can become a strong player.

The game offers incredible visuals which are detailed very skillfully to look as realistic as they can. You can find that the Pokemons are also designed to look realistic. You can also head over to the Pokeshop to buy different items such as Potions, pokeballs and many others. Now let's see what are the main features of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

What Is Pokemon Go Apk?

Pokemon Go apk is an adventure game where you can catch Pokemons through pointing your camera in different places. You will need to turn on your GPS as the map in this game needs your location. Then you can roam around and search for Pokemons in your vicinity. Enjoy the amazing 3D graphics of the game as you catch 'em all. Once you catch pokemons, train them to keep them in shape and so that they can evolve and gain new abilities.

Moreover you can also checkout the Pokeshop for important essentials like pokeballs etc. You can also enjoy having multiplayer matches with other players or your friends. The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases in exchange for premium items.

What Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk?

Pokemon Go mod apk is another version of the game that is hacked and gives players many advantages that they cannot find in the original version. You can enjoy many different features that will make you progress faster in the game and you will become the best player in no time.

Have fun with the fake GPS functions which allow your character to travel without you having to move large distances. You can also buy all the items you want thanks to the unlimited money feature of the mod version. There are many other features that will make the game less frustrating and more fun for you.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk Unlimited Coins 2022

The mod version of the game lets you enjoy an unlimited number of coins for free.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

You can access all the locked and exclusive items without any hassle.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk Latest Version

The latest updates and bug fixes are included in our mod version.

Download Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Explore your terrain for pokemons right now with Pokemon Go mod apk.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk


GPS Powered Map

This feature of the game makes it unique and different from others because it uses your real location which intrigues and thrills players. Wherever you are, the map will be detailed and tell you where to find different Pokemons near you. Thanks to this feature you will feel like a real Pokemon trainer that is going out in search of new pokemons.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics of this game are so perfectly designed that you can see little difference between real life and this game. You will be able to view the pokemons in real locations through your camera. It feels as if you're looking at a Pokemon in real life. You will feel your character move with you in whichever direction you are going. The game is powered by the infallible AR technology and you can enjoy the amazing 3D effects wherever you go.

Catch Different Pokemons

There are multiple categories of pokemons that you can find and catch in this game that you will never get tired of. For every type of pokemon you need to look in its natural habitat for example if your pokemon is grass type then you will look towards the ground through your camera, if you want a water type Pokemon search lakes and places where water has collected and so on. There is a limitless number of pokemons to capture and who knows you will come across some legendary ones as well.

Train and Evolve Your Pokemons

Once you capture the Pokemon you want you will have to train it in order to strengthen their attacks and powers. You can train them through dueling with other Pokemon trainers like you in the game. And as you keep training them they will ultimately evolve and unlock new and better abilities in the game. So train them to the highest level so that they can evolve.

Enjoy Multiplayer Matches

Pokemon Go also has a multiplayer mode where you can go up against other players. You can even match up with your friends and show them your pokemon's deadly power. One of the amazing things is that you can also trade pokemons in this game. Defeat other people and gym leaders to claim lots of rewards.

Mod Features

Fake GPS

The mod version will design a fake GPS for you so that you can enjoy going to all kinds of places freely without having to go yourself.

Unlimited Money

Thanks to Pokemon Go mod apk you will have a limitless amount of money to spend on things you want.

Anti Ban

The anti ban feature in the mod version will keep you from getting banned by the developers of Pokemon Go and you can play the game freely without any fear of getting banned.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk


If you are a Pokemon fan then you must try out this game and even if you are not much of a fan you are going to love the game's dynamic and unique approach. Enjoy the intriguing gameplay and look for legendary Pokemons, strengthen and evolve them to become the best Pokemon trainer. You can download the mod version for additional benefits through following the link. And feel free to share your thoughts and concerns related to the article in the comment section below.


Is Pokemon Go free to download?

Yes you can download the game for free on google play store and other stores. The game also offers in-app purchases for exclusive items.

Is Pokemon Go safe?

Pokemon Go is a safe game, it will not harm your phone or probate information. You can relax and play the game freely. Be cautious while playing the game outside where you are susceptible to injury if you focus on your phone too much while walking.

Can people track you on Pokemon Go?

No people cannot track you on this game because your location is kept private by the game.

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  • Total Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
  • Rated Years Rated for 3+
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