Granny Mod Apk v1.8 2022 Download Unlimited Money


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Granny Mod Apk V1.8 2022 Download Unlimited Money
App Name Granny Mod Apk
Publisher DVloper
Genre Arcade
Latest Version v1.8
Size 99.65 MB
Total Installs 100M+
Rated Years Rated for 12+
MOD Info God Mode
OS Required Android 4.4 +
Get it On Google Play
Update December 17, 2022

Granny is the ultimate game for all the horror lovers out there looking for a scare. This is a horror survival game by DVloper. This game is quite popular and played a lot around the world. Granny is an amazingly frightening and adventurous game where you need to escape a crazy murderous granny with exceptional jearing capabilities.

In the game you will be trapped in an old abandoned house which is haunted with creepy sounds and ominous shadows. You will get 3 days to escape. You can only win this game by running away from the house because otherwise granny will be driving a knife through your heart. There will be many objects and clues to help you out of the horrible situation. You just need to take care that granny doesn't hear anything or you're toast.

The game has exceptionally good graphic details, all the elements are integrated in the game which portrays scary places. And to make the horror effect complete the game also has the most creepy and scary sounds. The controls of the game are quick and easy so the players can smoothly play the game. Let's discuss the features of this app now in the following paragraphs.

Granny Mod Apk

What Is Granny Apk?

Granny apk is a survival horror game where you are trapped with a murderous granny in a house. Granny has amazing elements such as different routes to escape like doorways, boats and helicopters. And if you like puzzles as well this game will give you lots of clues.

Collect keys and use weapons on granny to get away from her. This game is free to play. You don't need to pay for it, although the ads and in-app purchases are still going to be in it.

What Is Granny Mod Apk?

Granny mod apk is a much more fun version of the game where you are free to do a lot of things. All the limitations and restrictions that were in the apk version are lifted from the mod version. Enjoy playing Granny in full spirit so you can succeed much more easily.

This modified version gives you unlimited health so you can survive easily in the game. Plus you get to enjoy the game without annoying ads. There are many other features that you are free to explore.

Granny Mod Apk Hack

Granny mod apk has numerous elements that lighten the difficulty of the game.

Granny Mod Apk Download

Download Granny mod apk for immortal existence.

Granny Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo

Shoot granny all you want with the unlimited ammo in the mod version.

Granny Mod Apk Unlimited Health

Unlimited health is important when your enemy is as dangerous as granny.

Granny Mod Apk


Scary Graphics

Granny has all the scary elements that a horror film needs. You will find yourself in an abandoned house that is alive with creepy sounds. It's poorly lit with lots of shadowy corners and granny is a real scare. The 3D graphics are absolutely horrifying with wallpapers peeling off, ominous looking hallways where you can glimpse granny's scary looking face any time. If you are a true horror fan you will definitely find this game awesome.

Simple and Quick Controls

Games are nothing if not for their control systems and that's the first thing that the players try out to see if they can play the game. The game only becomes interesting to play when you know your way around it and Granny does it perfectly well. The controls are designed simply and they are pretty quick as the players need to be quick when they are running or hiding from granny.

Avoid Granny

When you are playing the game you need to avoid granny in any case. This game is a thriller as well as horror and you need to escape granny if you want to avoid being murdered. Make use of the convenient controls to get away from granny. Find places in the house where you can hide if granny seems to be too close such as hiding under the bed. Granny has very good hearing so make sure you move as quietly as you can.

Escape the House

The only one way to win this game is to escape the house, otherwise after three days of being in the house you will be eliminated by granny. There are quite a number of ways you can get away such as by secret doorways, boats, helicopters etc. But to make such an escape possible you will have to do your best to collect all the things needed for it.

Granny Mod Apk

Spooky Sounds

The house is full of sounds that are going to spook you out. If you get scared easily, don't play this game at night. To give you a complete horror experience Granny integrates different kinds of horror sound effects so that you can really feel like you're playing a horror game.

Pick up Keys

Granny's house is a maze that has many doors, some of which will be locked. Now there are a lot of items lying around and you can pick them up. You need to pick up keys to get through locked doors. Remember one thing, you can only pick one object at a time so if you end up collecting a key you will need to check it on multiple doors.

Helpful Clues

There are multiple clues in the house that will lead you towards your escape. But keep your eyes open and look for them actively because they will not automatically unveil the answers. You have to puzzle through them. And while you do so be wary of granny because her hearing is her best feature despite her age.

Use Weapons on Granny

You can also use weapons against granny by finding the gun that is in the house. After getting the gun you will also have to look for bullets. You can have only two bullets at a time so use them wisely. Granny is immortal so you cannot kill her but you can do her damage and that is enough distraction for you to escape.

Granny Mod Apk

Mod Features

No Ads

The basic version of the game plays a lot of ads so you can go for the mod version where there are no ads.

Unlimited Health

You can have unlimited health and won't die with any kind of attack so take your time figuring out an escape.

Unlocked Everything

There are no locked items in the mod version so you can freely use anything you like.


Have you ever dreamed of exploring a haunted house and what creatures lurk inside then Granny is your way to find out. Live your dream of being in a horror movie and trying to escape an evil granny. There are so many elements of this game that will give you a true horror experience. You can get right into it via the link.

Granny Mod Apk


Is Granny app free?

Yes, Granny is a free game that is available on Google Play store and other sites on the internet.

What age group is Granny?

Little kids might get scared easily by this spooky game so it is advised the children below 12 should not play the game.

Additional Information from Google Play:
  • Update
  • Price$0
  • Total Installs 100M+
  • Rated Years Rated for 12+
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