Dungeon Maker APK v1.11.24 (MOD Unlimited Money)


4.6 (335)
Dungeon Maker APK V1.11.24 (MOD Unlimited Money)
App Name Dungeon Maker APK
Publisher GameCoaster
Latest Version v1.11.24
Size 140 MB
Total Installs 100,000+
Rated Years Rated for 7+ Mild Violence
MOD Info Unlimted Money
OS Required 4.1 and up
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Update June 08, 2020

In most games the player acts as the protagonist, saving the world from darkness and evil, however Dungeon Maker ads a whole new perspective to the gaming world. Hitting the gamers with a storm, dive into Dungeon Maker and play the role of an antagonist who is siding with the darkness to save the dungeon from knights in silver armor.

Dungeon Maker Apk ads a whole new twist in the game, instead of fighting for the good, you will be allies with the dangerous and evil villains and keep the knights of the kingdom away from your dungeon. Instead of fighting off the treacherous monsters, work with them and lead them into victory and protect your homeland.

Stand with the Dark Lord to protect the disciple and harmony of the dungeon from the knights. The knights may think they are helping their kingdom, but all they are doing is testing the Dark Lords temper, who means no harm. Test your strategic abilities in this turn based combat strategy game and stop the knights from storming into the dungeon and ruining the peace within it. Assemble your army and get ready to defeat the good, not to terrorize the kingdom, but to protect your domain and dungeon. Read further to get a taste of what it is like to enter the world of Dungeons Marker!

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  • A different perspective of the gameplay, instead of acting as a protagonist, step into the shoes of an antagonist
  • Strong female leads, unlike most games where monsters are seen as wild beasts, in Dungeon Maker most of the characters are females
  • Analysis your strategy, thinking, and combat skills
  • Dungeon Maker APK is equipped to work on all software’s, Android and iOS
  • Free of any advertisements which may distract you from the overall gaming experience and divert your attention from protecting the Dark Lord and defeating the human knights who are coming to conquer your Dungeon
  • Unmatchable high definition visuals and imagery making the overall experience nothing less than complete reality
  • Fully optimized for all devices, Dungeons Maker APK can be played on all devices without any lagging or glitches in the graphics
  • Dungeons Maker APK is completely offline, you do not need an internet connection to enter into the world of Dungeons Maker. You can help protect the Dark Lord whenever you want and wherever you are


  • Dungeon Maker APK can drain or use up a lot of you battery life, almost up to 20%-25%
  • The file size is towards the larger side so it will take up some space on your mobile device
  • All the data of the game is stored within your Dungeons Maker application since it is an offline game, so if you delete the application, your data will not be recovered


  • Introduce yourself the seven powerful Dark Lords you can play with throughout the game each with their own unique special skills.
  • Defend your Dungeon and protect the Dark Lord with the help of more than 100 strong and devilish monsters, but in this game the monsters will be seen as heroes trying to fend off the horrible human knights who are trying to destroy the livelihood of the dungeon
  • Equip your dungeon with over 70 powerful and effective traps to stop intruders from entering your sacred dungeon
  • In this game you will have complete control over your dungeon, this includes deciding where to place the traps to make them more effective in stopping the knights and planning your own strategy in fending off the so called “heroes”
  • Being the master of the dungeon comes with added perks, you get to select the fate of your dungeon through an exciting and unique manner. Through fate cards you get to decide whether you wish to battle or wish to get a surprise in which case a special event takes place
  • Enjoy the taste of unlimited shopping and upgrades, as well as red devils
  • Look forward to a thrilling and adventurous event each day at your dungeon
  • To make your defense stronger against the wicked knights, you have the option of upgrading monsters and combining two powerful monsters to create an even greater and stronger monster
  • Unique graphics, instead of using the typical graphics that most strategy games use nowadays, Dungeon Maker has used HD 2D graphics, similar to those of an old console game, but with better image resolution

How to Download Dungeon Maker APK

Step 1) Uninstall any version of Dungeon Maker that you have previously downloaded in your device

Step 2) Click on the downloadable link for Dungeon Maker APK

Step 3) Once you click the link you will receive a conformation message regarding permission to download the link of Dungeon Maker APK, click “Yes”

Step 5) Upon installation, you will receive another conformation message regarding permission to install Dungeon Maker APK, click “yes” and continue

Step 6) In order to launch Dungeon Maker APK, first move the .obb file according to the following manner “Sdcard/Android/Obb”

Step 7) Click on the application of Dungeon Maker APK, launch it, and protect the Dark Lord and your dungeon against the wicked human knights



Will I be playing as the Dark Lord in Dungeons Maker?

No you will be playing as the dungeon master and will be protecting the Dark Lord against knights. Through an impenetrable strategy and defense that you will create you need to keep the knights from taking over your dungeon.

Can I download Dungeon Maker from the Google Play Store?

No, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store. It has to be downloaded from the internet through the downloadable link.

Will there be unlimited money in this version?

Yes! You have unlimited money.

Additional Information from Google Play:
  • Update
  • Price$0
  • Total Installs 100,000+
  • Rated Years Rated for 7+ Mild Violence
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