Gta V Mod Apk v5.0.21 Unlimited Money

Rockstar Games

4.11 (9)
Gta V Mod Apk V5.0.21 Unlimited Money
App Name GTA V Mod APK
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Entertainment
Latest Version v5.0.21
Size 2.63 GB
Total Installs 10,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 12+
MOD Info For Android
OS Required 4.4 and up
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Update August 05, 2022

Everyone loves those games which are related to action and fighting. You have played many games in which there are different superheros and fictional characters which are considered as positive powers and they fight against their enemies. But have you played a game which is based on action and fighting through criminals? If not then this article is for you. We are describing a game in which there is 3D fighting and action which is different in fun as compared to other games. This has realistic graphics and contains criminals as the fighting characters. This game is GTA V Mod APK. This is an action and fighting game with superb controls and graphics.

GTA V Mod APK means Grand Theft Auto V Mod APK. This is a game in which there are three criminals. They are on a mission to steal different things and money. In short they are on a mission to steal things. These three criminals are very powerful and do different tasks and complete different missions to get money and rewards. So it's an adventurous game too. Explore the city and fight with different people to steal money and many different things. Play as a criminal in this game and enjoy the 3D realistic fighting experience.


What is GTA V APK ?

GTA V APK is an action and fighting game of 3D graphics and mechanism. It includes three criminals who are on a mission to steal the city and banks. There are different missions assigned to them and they have to complete it. All three criminals are different in powers and skills. Their main mission is to fight and act against their Enemies and complete the mission. There are different weapons and tools which are given to them to use and complete the challenges. This game has 3D graphics of realistic experience which includes many real incidents of daily life so choose your favorite criminal and play your game according to the mission you will get a lot of features in this game including weapons Amos tools and different powered ups to make this game interesting and exciting.

What is GTA V Mod APK?

GTA V Mod APK is the modified version of GTA V APK.It has many additional features which you will enjoy and this make this game interesting too. You will get additional features like different types of weapons which are different in appearances and powers. There are also different Amos and tools to escape from the Enemies and opponents. you will get a lot of new vehicles and cars to drive and reach your destination. This game has all the additional and free features and they are safe and easy to use because this is the modified or hack version. So download it now from Google APK and enjoy some additional things free of cost without giving a single penny.

GTA V for PC

Download the windows version of GTA V from Google APK if you want to play this game on your computers.

GTA V APK Unlimited Coins

Get unlimited coins through the mod version of GTA V APK. Download the hacked or mod version.

GTA V Mod APK Latest 2022

Get the latest 2022 version of GTA V Mod APK from Google APK 2022 links.


Features of GTA V APK

Easy to Control and Handle

As there are many features in this game but still this game is very easy and they have easy controls and handles. There are no different and difficult mechanisms to play this game. all the controls and handles are easily managed. There are buttons present on the screen to control the movements and actions of the criminals. You can easily manage all the options in this game without any difficulty because all the handles are clearly visible and ready to use.

3D Graphics and Sound Effects

This game has 3D graphics and sound effects. It has realistic experiences and realistic 3D graphics which are very related to our daily life and routine. These 3D graphics include crashing and exploring different things and vehicles. There are also different sound effects and music of this game which are very interesting to and make players from playing this game. There are amazing fights and actions between these three criminals and their opponents.

Three Criminals

The main feature of this game is that it does not feature superheroes or fictional powerful characters, but this game includes 3 powerful and skillful criminals which are on a mission to steal different things and money. In this game you can deal with these three criminals and use them according to the mission and challenge that you have assigned. So choose them wisely and according to your mission and challenge.

Different Vehicles

You will get a Good variety of vehicles to use in this. There are different types of motorbikes, cars and trucks to use in this game.  There are also different people riding their cars in this game. You can steal their cars and vehicles and keep it to yourself. So there is a Good variety of vehicles that you can use to ride on the road. If you want to go by air then you can also use different helicopters and different air machineries.

Different Tools to Fight and Act

There are different types of tools which are present to fight and act against your enemies and opponents. There are different varieties of weapons which include freezing weapons, guns, long weapons, hand weapons, bullets and much more. There are also ammos and catapults. Also there is a good variety of other tools which are very good in fighting. Not only this there are also bombs and other things too.

Fight and Make your Empire

In this game you can steal different things from people and also steal money from different banks. In this way you can collect a lot of money through this game. With this money you can build your empire and different businesses too. So it's fun playing this game as this includes a realistic experience of stealing and fighting for money.


Features of GTA V Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Coins

In this mode version you will get a lot of coins and gems through which you can get different features of this game. First of all you can unlock all the three criminals and play your game. Secondly you can get all different types of weapons, tools, ammos and different tools for fighting and acting against opponents. So through these coins you can get anything that you want in your game and they are ready to use and free to use too.

Unlocked Vehicles and Tools

If you want to use all the vehicles and tools which are locked in the original version then download this mode version through Google APK. Enjoy all the vehicles of different types and tools that are all free of cost and ready to use in your first mission and challenge. You don't have to spend your money or time or hard work on it.

Removed Ads

This mod version has a unique and good feature too which is removing ads. This game has many different ads in their original version. So to get rid of these unnecessary ads and to get rid of this disturbance, download the Mod version and get an ads free gameplay and double fun.

Free to Download

This mod version is definitely free to download from Google APK and free to use. This has all the features unlocked and ready to use.


So if you want to play a wonderful action and fighting game of criminals then download GTA V APK now. Download the Mod version for different amazing and additional features. Enjoy this game.



Is GTA V Mod APK free to download

Yes this game is definitely free to download through Google Play Store or Google APK. You can go to Google APK and search the latest version of GTA V Mod APK. This is totally free to download.

How can I get Unlimited ammos in GTA V APK?

If you want to get unlimited ammos and different tools in GTA V APK, then download the modified version of this game. Go to Google APK and download the modified version which is totally free of cost and free to use.

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  • Price$0
  • Total Installs 10,000,000+
  • Rated Years Rated for 12+
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